The SImulator for Multithreaded Computer Architecture

(SIMCA) Release 1.2

August, 1999

This page is under construction.

SIMCA was developed based on the SimpleScalar Tool Set Release 2.0. It simulates the Superthreaded Architecture to the very detail. Both the source and the binary codes of SIMCA are released. This simulator has been tested on Silicon Graphics and SUN Microsystem machines. Please feel free to make any modification and enhancements on the simulator.

To obtain and install SIMCA, you need to take the following steps:

1) Download the The User's Manual

2) Download the necessary files:

new-simpletools.tar.gz -- SimpleScalar simpletools package with added support for direct
compilation of FORTRAN programs.

st-binutils.tar.gz -- modified binutils to compile super-threaded assemply code.

simca-1.2.tar.gz -- the simulator source and binary code and the "replace" tool.

st-spec.tar.gz -- seven of our hand-compiled SPEC benchmarks for superthreaded
architecture. Bigendian binaries are also included.

3) Install as directed in SimpleScalar and SIMCA's user manual. Please direct all comments and bug-reports to Jian Huang.

Thansk for using SIMCA!

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